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Boxes 15 through 20 report your state and local income tax info. The W-2 is extremely important when it comes to filing your tax return. Box 2 "Federal income tax withheld": This is federal income tax withheld from your pay based on your W-4. If you didn't file a W-4, the default is "single and 0" regardless of your marital status. Box 3 "Social security wages": Social security wages are calculated as Federal Taxable Gross (Box 1) plus Retirement Deductions (Box 12). The maximum social I am trying to fill out my taxes through h and r block like I have every year, but in order to import them from my employer (which is says is something available) it requires me to fill in box “d” and provides an example of 123456NCN2/A2B. My w2 does not have this box, and my company’s HR department has been no help.

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Likewise, you may see W-2 Box 1 and Box 16 differ. And, the values in Box 1 and Box 18 may also vary. In fact, for many Box 14 entries, the IRS does not even provide a place for it to get reported on your return forms. They are reported to you in Box 14 simply for informational purposes. Please Note: Because there is no standard list of codes, your employer can list any description it chooses for the items in Box 14.

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No box d on w2

SMB, Failure Codes, 1993-10 - McCulloch

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No box d on w2

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I'm strictly paid with a housing allowance and nothing else. Nothing is withheld and I do not receive a W2 (or 1099).